San Diego Math Tutoring
San Diego Math Tutoring
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parent reviewS


"Nick valuably spent the first session with my son having an open dialogue about where my son lacked confidence in math. Nick really got to the heart of my son's issues - the need to strengthen his fundamentals! My son and I are really looking forward to continuing sessions with Nick."

— Teresa m., September 2016


"How can you not love Nick? My son does and we do as parents. He really boosted our son's confidence in Algebra after just a couple sessions. We all greatly appreciated the homework and test prep help Nick was able to provide on a weekly basis. The extra help really helped our son get through his toughest subject."

— John J., May 2017

"I was greatly appreciative of the amount of care and time Nick spent with my daughter. They worked together for over 2-years and Nick was always supportive, encouraging and mentoring. He revitalized my daughter's interest in math by breaking complex concepts down into digestible parts. My daughter improved her math SAT score 150 points working with Nick! He was kind enough to write my daughter a reference for her college applications. THANK YOU, NICK!!!"

— Joan N., June 2017


"Nick gets it. He quickly uncovered the issues our son was having with Geometry and turned his academic year around in the second semester."

— Paul L., april 2015




"Mr. Lee is the best! He helped me with my homework and test prep throughout Algebra II by taking concepts I learned in class and reshaping them if I didn't understand them the first time."

— Perry T., June 2016


The best math teacher I've had so far. Mr. Lee helps students understand why math is the way it is, and his assessment methods really breakdown opportunity areas for each individual student. I would recommend Mr. Lee to any student!" 

— james S., august 2015

"Mr. Lee helped me review pre-calculus concepts and some basic limits concepts. He made learning, what seemed so confusing in class, very easy."

— ryan A., December 2016


"i got into my top college after studying the math portion of my SATs with Mr. Lee! He helped me understand how to manage my time, how to work backwards on questions I didn't know how to tackle immediately, and how to easily remember formulas/tricks."

— ryder R., may 2017