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Does my child need math tutoring?

Brooklyn parents often ask me if tutoring is right for their student.

Simply put, math tutoring works for any type of student. One of my favorite things about working at Poly Prep is how there is ample time built into the day for my students to come see me outside of class. These students have three primary reasons for visiting my office.

1 – Relearn 

Yes, often I see students who are struggling with the material and need help solving problems or understanding a concept. Being able to provide them one-on-one time is often beneficial to improving their skills and boosting their confidence for the next assessment.

2 – Review

Other times, I have my top students (earning an A or even A+ in the class) who come see me regularly to review problems and reinforce their understanding of the lesson. Although they may perform well on assessments, they like spending time together to go through difficult homework problems. It is also a fun opportunity to provide enrichment or challenge problems.

3 – Challenge

Maybe surprisingly, I have tutored students who were looking to get a head start on their next year’s math curriculum. Especially during the summer time, students enjoy learning new and challenging topics in fun ways. Doing this ahead of their school year helps them feel better prepared and can help make their transition back into the swing of things easier.

4 – Test Prep

Finally, as an upper school math teacher, I’m well aware of the stress my students face especially when it comes to the math portion of the SAT. I work with my students to prep for the SATs by focusing in on key opportunity areas and helping them develop new skills to “beat the test”. To score high on the math portion of the SATs, it’s important to strike a balance of truly understanding math concepts while also employing tricks to get through a tough spot.  

Ultimately, tutoring is right for your student if there is a need to relearn, review, challenge or test prep. For all of these cases, there is a boost in confidence, a strengthening of math skills, and often a ton of fun!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!